Maintenance & Equipment Training Programs

Heavy Mining Equipment Training Programs for apprenticeships helps the communities in which Power Edge Equipment operates, either of our two training programs dealing with heavy mining equipment, you’ll learn what’s needed to work in a dangerous work environment. You’ll get a general understanding of the mining industry, including workflow and safety standards for using heavy equipment like hydraulics, electricity and pneumatics. You will learn more about training and apprenticeships offering Engineering & Technology Management.

What Types of Heavy Mining Equipment Programs Are Available?

Heavy mining equipment is a field of study that can be found under two different programs. You may find this program under a heavy equipment and diesel program or under a mining training program. While these programs are structured differently, the essential skills needed to work safely with mining equipment are developed through either type of program.
Whether you complete a program or a stand-alone course, mining technology is important training if you want to work in a mine. Programs commonly train you to work in either surface mines or underground mines. You’ll study mining practices, hydraulics, mine safety, programmable logic controllers (PLC), welding, diesel engines, maintenance, electricity and mine atmospheres. Mining technology programs are formulated to meet the standards set by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations. Heavy and diesel equipment programs also train you to meet the government’s regulations for safety. Training covers machine operation and the methods used to promote safety in a work environment.